The most comprehensive index on populism in Europe

Authoritarian Populism has established itself as the third ideological force in European politics. This poses a long-term threat to liberal democracies. The Timbro Authoritarian Populism Index (TAP) continuously explores and analyses electoral data in order to improve the knowledge and understanding of the development among politicians, media and the general public. TAP contains data stretching back to 1980, which makes it the most comprehensive index of populism in Europe.

What organisation is behind the index?

TAP is an initiative by the free market think tank Timbro. Our mission is to promote ideas and political reforms in support of market economy, free entrepreneurship, individual freedom and an open society.

Over the last 40 years, Timbro has established itself as an influential voice in Swedish public debate. Our publishing house publishes 15-20 books per year and our project managers are frequent commentators in national and international media. Timbro is part of the European think tank network Epicenter and has close contact with the Atlas Network in the United States.

How do I contact you?

Write an email to or find more contact information in the press section.

Which parties are included in the index?

Since the index stretches back to 1980, the list of parties included in TAP is very long. In the list below you can see and sort through all the parties included.

For a more in-depth summary of the parties, their parliamentary influence and other facts, please see the the data section.